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postComment: 'eFax messenger that is not compatible with Apple Mac OS X 10.7, has got nothing to do with Mac''s Power PC. i had eFax working on my previous version of Snow Leopard with no sweat. Beginning from Tiger, all Apple systems were based on Intel processor. However, these machines had a file system integrated into the OS X called Power PC Installer. Now, Power OC installed has no relationship with Intel technology itself. it was only an internal power PC installer that was designed to operate with OS X on the Intel based machines. This is something may be compared with the differences between Windows 95, 98, Me, and Windows XP, when many programs designed for windows 98, would not work on XP, due to XP was no longer supporting Virtual Installer. But regardless of transition to XP, the PC was still operating on Intel processors. In other words Processors remained the same, but operating system was written on different file system (format). From Fat 32 to NTFS. Apple with transitioning to Lion has developed a similar format that forced Power PC file system cast out. something was going to happen from the beginning of the transition from Power PC processor to Intel, only Apple was generous enough to come up with an idea to transfer Power PC installer onto OS X to allow customers use their costly programs they''ve purchased for Power PC. this type of transition is more has to do with company''s sly affair, putting an end to the consumers ability to use their old programs, and obliging them to reconcile to the swiftly transition to newer systems. it''s the way they chose how to mislead the consumers from one point to another while they are asleep. in the summary, file system has got nothing to do with processor''s compatibility. it''s the company who wants you to think so, not the machine''s compatibility. Power PC installer did in fact work on Intel based machines, because Apple wanted so. now, because Apple doesn''t want Power PC installer to work on Lion, therefore it does not work. you and i have to believe what Apple or Microsoft wants us believe. this much is evident. '

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