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postName: 'Not Magnus but I bring explanation.'
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postComment: "Coolbook is dead, and will be forever. AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient.kext now includes something called C and P states. Hackintosh users will be familiar with this (and actually are far far more knowledgeable about OSX than every Mac user due to having to tinker to get things working).\n\nC and P states are for Intel's Speedstep and Turbo Boost independent over clocking features, much in the same way that Apple disabled smcFanController by constantly recalculating and resetting OSX's desired fan speed (and overriding the fan speed set by the program in seconds) C and P states erase the action carried out by CoolBook. Removing them is an option but that instantly breaks functionality with Intel i3/5/7 as they need them to scale power states correctly. \n\nMore importantly, if Intel roll out a new processor tomorrow, and the code for that CPU is added to a non-exisistant kernel extension (the one you swapped for sleep enabler) or the EFI (sleepenabler.kext is actually designed for hackintoshes) then you could be faced with kernel panics on startup that won't disappear with a reinstall unless you format your hard drive or CLI delete it in single user mode."

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