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postComment: "iPartition is at version 3.4.1\n\nFrom their blog:\nMountain Lion\nBy Chris on Jul 26th, 2012\nWe have been testing iDefrag and iPartition on the released version of Mountain Lion for the last couple of weeks and have not found any problems, so we’re happy to say that our products are compatible with Mountain Lion. That said, there’s always a chance that we’ve missed something so please get in touch if you do spot anything that’s not quite right.\n\nThere is an issue with VMOptimizer at the moment which we have fixed, but we just need to release it; expect to see that update very soon.\n\nWe are working on some updates to add some high resolution artwork to support the new MacBook Pro retina displays, along with some other minor improvements. Those updates should be available fairly soon."

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