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postComment: "Thanks Jim:\n\nLike the rest of you, I'm finding Apple Address Book doesn't hold a candle to what this program could do 20 years ago. I started with NC&UTD back in 1990 and it here's never been anything as powerful on the mac. \n\nMy main gripe is simply the ability to see whose name was added last week (what was the name of that person?) and instead being hit with the top of the alphabet instead of viewing by date added (which iTunes and this program does perfectly). \nDoe anyone know if there Are there any programs that can today without being reset when syncing to an iPhone?\n\nIt's ridiculous that running a small business on a Macintosh has actually gotten worse as it's been dumbed down for more people to used. \n\nSO, I'm going to be s.o.l. on my 25 year old database if I can't find a serial number. \n\nSuggestions?\n\nPhil\nI downloaded a fresh copy of 5.3.2 (& never had any version on this machine).\n\nCopied and pasted the SN as posted. Not sure if it's name sensitive (I think not). But since none was posted, I even tried Now Up-to-Date & Contact, but alas, even after restart, it did not work.\n\nAny suggestions?\n\n"

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