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postComment: 'I just got off the phone w logitech support regarding my brand new ONE remote. My trusty H628 died last night when I plugged it in to update and add the Apple TV. I suspect the software fried the remote as it worked fine UNTIL I plugged it in to their own software. Then Dead. So off to pick up the new ONE to find out the software just hangs and never completes it load on my iMac 27" running 10.8. Read the blogs to find no one who got it working. On a hunch loaded their softward 7.8.06 on my Air and viola! It runs fine and I am able to get the ONE running. Their support stopped me since I have it running on one machine though not the other. I replied not acceptable since the Air is my work machine while the iMac is for home. Case unsolved though at least I have my remote back for the time. The blogs shows this is a long time running issue with Logitech. I tweeted to them and they responded very fast to send them (why?) an incident # to follow. Seems one hand is disconnected to the other. Can''t wait for the survey to appear about "my experience"…..'

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