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postComment: "ClipMenu has worked very well on Macbook dual core running Lion 10.7.4 & Safari 5. However, after d/l'ing Safari 6, ClipMenu and a few other highly useful utilities began to exhibit erratic behaviours. In the case of ClipMenu, the icon would disappear from menubar and when it was visible, the folders of clips would refuse to pop-up and then the icon would disappear. Tried all the usual fixes — double-click to open, ran disk utility, removed prefs list, reboot, cleared every cache known to man, safe booted —— all to no avail.\n\nWorse still, over the last several months I've come to rely on ClipMenu's stash for my research and writing (had a running list of 100 clip, well within safe/manageable range) and now, they're kaput :-("

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