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postName: 'Samy-Abel Snowy'
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postComment: "FOR MAC OS X\n * Mac OS X 10.7.1\n * Intel Core Duo 2 E7500 @ 2.93Ghz \n * 2 GB RAM\n * Nvidia 9500 GT with 128 MB of Video RAM.\n * At least 5.3 GB of hard drive space, with my hard drive 500GB\n * This game will not run on bar just say \" Video Hardware Acceleration Required \" and\n I can install to update from NVIDIA, so I have same problem with mac said me can't run for we've got some Intel CPU and NVIDIA have been fine work and I find something OpenGL & DirectX and driver graphic of NVIDIA so I will be played this game will not run and please you visit support.\n\n I will not run on The Sims 3 it's as say Video Hardware Acceleration Required and DRIVERS GRAPHIC.\n\n Please you help me about support which is can and cannot??"

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