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postComment: "I'm having the same issue(s); macbook (last model before discontinuation), upgraded to 10.8; System Preferences crashes, I have to manually shut down.\n\nThe Adobe Tech sent me this:\nHello Jonathan,\n\nThank you for writing in! Sorry to hear about the issues with the driver. I would like to have you follow the instructions listed below to update the driver - once you have complete the instructions, please test your tablet and pen and let me know how it is working. Thanks\n\nOpen your Applications folder and locate any Bamboo or Pen Tablet folders you have\nUse the Utility in each of these folders and click 'Remove' under 'Tablet Software'\nOnce the software is removed, restart the computer\nAfter restarting, repair your hard disk permissions using your Disk Utility (in your Utilities folder)\nOnce this is complete, download and install the latest 5.2.6-3(RC) driver from:\n\n\nAvoid using USB hubs, keyboard/monitor ports, or docking stations with the tablets, as they can cause inconsistent behavior.\n\nIT DIDN'T WORK: Actually, it only worked once but once I unplug and and replug the tablet, it won't work, or once I restart, it freezes. After this glitch, the USB port is dead and won't read anything."

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