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postComment: "Why does everybody keep saying it works with Lion when in fact it doesn't, at least the way it did with SL?\n\nYes, you can install it, remove/add kexts, you might even see the frequency/voltage reports in the menubar. So it \"sort of\" works.\n\nBut in reality (and I believe it's not just in my case with 2007 Core2Duo MBP) it actually does a worse job than stock kexts. Battery life is worse (in my case 3h30m vs 4h20m, CoolBook vs Native), that's for sure.\n\nCoolBook doesn't seem to be able to undervolt at lower frequencies. For example, when I set 600Mhz/0.7750V as the lowest combination, it still sticks at 800Mhz/0.850V. When idling on stock kexts, I notice 0.7-something-V in the istat sensors report. \n\nThe only point trying to use CB is when you constantly run your mac at max GhZ and just want it to run a bit cooler."

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