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postComment: "I recently upgraded to OSX10.8 on my early 2012 mac mini. I have been using AirDisplay as my screen. \n\nI've run into an issue whereby the AirDisplay prefpane now turns itself off after 10-15 mins if its not being used. It also doesn‘t activate on reboot. \n\nThis is obviously a problem as I don`t have a monitor. I started to use logmein instead, but its not ideal as its mouse isn’t quite as usable (it works in the current release after many months of bugs and patchy performance). \n\nI've been going back and forth with Avatron for a few weeks (they've been very supportive), and they proposed two solutions: \n* Uninstall / reinstall using a newly downloaded package\n* Delete the hidden com.avatron preference files\n\nNeither has worked. \n\nI also tried to write an applescript to select the menu app item \"Turn Air Display On\" , but I didn't really know what I was doing (here's my poor effort below). As I didn‘t get this working when the menu option was available, I didn’t proceed. \n\n\ntell application \"System Events\"\n set UI_Enabled to UI elements enabled\n tell application process \"AirDisplayStatusItem\"\n tell menu bar 1\n tell menu bar item 1\n click menu item \"Turn Air Display On\"\n end tell\n end tell\n end tell\nend tell\n\n\nHas anyone else got an idea? \n\nFAS"

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