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postComment: "So what am i doing wrong guys?\n\nI put the disk in on my 2008 macbook, i get the normal mount, install, enter serial, etc. No Problems.\n\nNow, with my Macbook Pro Early 2011 10.7.3, I put the disk in and the disk folder shows up with three folders all titled \"Command & Conquer Generals Deluxe\" The first folder appears to be german, the second english and the third french. \n\nI click into the second folder and theres no install button or anything like that. Just the standard generals and zero hour icon, in which when i click it says \"Command and conquer generals cannot be run off the DVD. Please install the game to your hard drive\"\n\nSo anyways i'm at a loss here. The Aspyr site is down so i can't download the update, in which i've installed it before and it doesn't do anything anyway.\n\nDo you guys think that i perhaps need to downgrade back to snow leopard. Install C&C, upgrade to lion then update?, if thats the case i will just give up trying.\n\n"

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