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postComment: "Yup, same here.\n\nBoom doesn't play well with Mountain Lion. I have also seen the correlation with AirPlay mentioned earlier. There's some sort of code-conflict there, too.\n\nIf I go to my menu bar and toggle between \"AirPlay Mirroring On/Off\" and \"Apple TV,\" (under the screen resolution menu icon) then my computer will somehow relocate it's \"Boom Brain\" again and start directing sound to my MacBook Pro's speakers.\n\nThe sound-panel manipulation (internal speakers/Boom) in System Preferences works, too, of course. My temporary \"workaround\" for this problem has been to simply go into System Preferences (under your menu bar Apple icon), select the \"Energy Saver\" preferences icon (light bulb!), and then uncheck the \"put hard disks to sleep when possible\" option in both the Battery and Power Adapter settings.\n\nThis is clunky as heck, and it's probably not great for the hard drive, long term, but it's either that or continually toggle the sound settings to reawaken \"Boom\" from its poisoned apple slumber.\n\n(gotta love the Sleeping Beauty metaphor — can I hear some light applause, please)\n\n"

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