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postComment: "Screen flicker is only in full screen mode. It is still playable in windowed mode. To edit the config file to change to Windowed mode, do this:\n\nTo set the game to Windowed mode, perform the steps listed below:\n1. From the Finder menu, open the Go menu.\n2. Select Home.\n3. Open the Library folder.\n4. Open the Preferences folder.\n5. Open the folder for the game being played.\n6. Right-click the Config file and select Open with.\n7. Select the text Editor in the list.\n8. Scroll down and look for the section listed [sdldrv].\n9. Find the entry ?Fullscreen? = ?1?.\n10. Change it to read ?Fullscreen? = ?0?.\n11. Save and close the document.\n12. Restart the game."

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