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postComment: "I have generally thought that this software worked pretty well under Lion and It's dictionary/database is better than I would have expected from a \"express\" version.\nUnfortunately,with my upgrade to Mountain Lion/10.8 this program is broken.\n\nThe dictation in Mountain Lion works well, but needs a persistent internet connection and the transcription is slow and limited to a sentence or two. It is also not visible until you have finished dictating. In this respect Dragon Express is superior to the Mountain Lion approach.\n\nI had purchased the Dragon Express as soon as it was available in November 2011…. now my $50 investment is gone after just over 6 months.\n\nNuance/ Dragon is difficult to contact, and has not responded to my initial inquiry. Their support web site states \"Dragon Express are not supported under OS X Mountain Lion (10.8). We encourage you to maintain a supported operating system, specifically OS X Lion (10.7). \"\n\nApple's app store no longer sells Lion and would like \"the rest of us\" to move to Mountain Lion….. Nuance needs to update this product… Perhaps Apple may need to encourage them considering their business relationship."

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