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postComment: "I'm glad to find some information regarding this problem as well. I have an old Kensington Trackball Expert Mouse and I love it to death. I just bought a new Mac mini with OS 10.8 and like someone mentioned previously, I have to open up System Preferences and then open up the 'Trackball Works' driver I installed the other day. Unless I do this, it's like the software isn't being loaded up as a 'Login Item'. Oddly, the only Trackball application I can find happens to be the 'Uninstaller' app, so I'm assuming that is NOT what I want to add to the Login Items. Hopefully there will be some kind of fix for this. Kensington just needs to find a way to have it added to the Login Items menu. I tried sending a Kensington a message today, but their site seems to be having problems. \nIn the meantime, from now on I'll have to keep opening up the Trackball works from within System Preferences and that seems to solve the problem until the next time I turn on the computer."

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