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postComment: "Not sure how anyone can get Pagesender to work with Lion. I certainly can't find a workaround and after two days of trying, I finally ended up going back to Snow Leopard over this one single program. I do a lot of bulk faxing and about 80% or more of my customers still use faxes. I fax via email using a Maxemail account so \"buying a modem\" just doesn't cut it. As much as Apple may think faxes are a thing of the past, I don't think we're there just yet. \n\nSure, some of the new bells and whistles are cool, but at the end of the day, I use my computer for business and I really can't afford to screw around with updates that kill my reliable daily use apps. Nor am I going to pay thousands updating programs that worked fine before. I've been a mac user since the early 80's and Lion is a deal breaker on even looking at new macs let alone new updates. Whatever happened to the old \"backward compatibility\" theme Apple always touted?"

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