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postComment: "If you are getting a message that you can not install an .obw file, we would advise you to try and install the sounds manually. \n\nPlease open the disc that is malfunctioning in your Finder/Explorer. \nNavigate to the SL-library name/Sounds/ folder. \nCopy/drag-and-drop the contents of this folder to the corresponding installation folder on your computer. The default location is described at the end of this text.\nOverwrite/replace any files already existing in that folder if you are prompted with that question. Please note that if you have custom installed to a folder with another name, then this is where you need to copy the files. \nPlease repeat this procedure for ALL the remaining discs that are available for that specific product. \nOnce you manually have installed all discs, you need to set the path to your installed sounds. Open Superior Drummer 2 in your host, click Settings and then Add path to library. Navigate to the SL-library name/Sounds/ folder on your computer (or where you have it installed it). Click OK.\n\n\n\nDefault installation folders:\n\nMac: Mac HD/Library/Application Support/Superior Drummer 2.0/SL-Library name/Sounds."

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