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postComment: "Just to add to my previous comment, I contacted Olive Tree and there is a workaround for this problem until a fix is available…\n\n\"\nThere are a few bugs associated with Mountain Lion which didn't show up\nin the beta testing but are evident now. The developers are working to correct.\nIn the meantime, you may wish to perform the following steps just during the time you are using BibleReader on your Mac.\nOn your Mac\nLook on your dock for the Settings (grey box with cogs on it) on your Mac.\nUnder your System Preferences you will see categories such as Personal, Hardware, Internet and Wireless, etc…\nUnder Hardware, you should see a screen icon labeled Display\nPlease click on that\nAt the top of this window should be options for Display and Color\nClick on Color\nUnclick the Show Profiles for this Display only box\nClick on the Generic RGB Profile\nClick on the Red Circle to close this window\n\nThe tint will be different, which is annoying, but it should help when you open and use BibleReader\nuntil the fix is available and approved.\n\"\n\nHope that's useful to someone."

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