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postComment: "I finally realized today that I was still using Version 5.1 of Now Contact which would not \nopen in Mac OS X 10.7.3. I downloaded Now X but that did not accept a serial number\n(menu selections were greyed out and the Updater app required both a Now X Account\n and a password, which I didn't have). So I downloaded Now Up to Date and Contact 5.3.2 \nand installed it and I have my address files again! I did not have to use the serial number \nabove, but glad I went back to read Jim's comment that it was Now Up-to-Date & Contact,\nnot! Now X. I am so thankful I can retrieve my files, and wish this great software could be\ncontinued. Mac Address Book is \"lame\" as far as a database where I can select and print \nlabels, address books and lists by category and keywords. I am looking for other programs\nthat would work for me but have not found any, and dread converting my files. I can't locate \nmy original software but try this serial number: U500S0100-00000-98864378\n\n\n "

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