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postComment: "NeoOffice 3.2.1 Patch 4 works in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.\nNot checked deeply Notification Center, iCloud and Gatekeeper on OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.\n\nIMPORTANT:\nApple includes significant changes in each new version of Mac OS X. Since such changes will likely cause many new bugs in NeoOffice and might cause NeoOffice to crash, NeoOffice 3.2.1 is not a production release and will likely have many undiscovered bugs.\n\n- - - - - - - -\n\nNeoOffice 3.2.1 Patch 4 funciona en OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.\nNo he probado a fondo los servicios Centro de Notificaciones, iCloud y Gatekeeper en OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.\n\nIMPORTANTE:\nBugs pendientes de solucionar."

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