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postComment: "I am having trouble with my Pen and Touch. It was working perfectly fine until I upgraded my Mac to 10.7.5. After that my Mac wouldn't acknowledge that I was using the pen but when I used the touch it was fine.\n\nI went on Wacom's website and they said when I upgrade I have to uninstall then reinstall.\n\nI uninstalled my tablet but now I can't get it reinstalled. It keeps freezing when it gets to \"Running Package Scripts\". I have to force quit the installation. When I try to eject the disc it won't let me saying that another user is using the disc. I try to switch users but my Mac freezes up on a white screen. It takes several times of pushing the power button to get it to turn off.\n\nDoes anyone know what the issue might be? If you have an answer contact me on my website"

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