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postComment: "The good news is that DNA Strider 1.5a9 is out from: rf.egnaro|redirts.and#rf.egnaro|redirts.and\n\nBut….I quote from the users guide:\n\nGood news …\n\nPresently (first quarter 2012), DNA Strider 1.5 (Intel version) runs on Mac OS X.4, X.5, X.6 and X.7. For users\nrunning Mac OS X.4 on Macs featuring a PowerPC processor, a special version is available upon request. “Intel” or\n“PowerPC” is displayed in the first line of the About DNA Strider 1.5 Dialog. This version will not be able to run\non Mac OS X.8 (see below).\n\nBad news …\nPresently (first quarter 2012), Apple has announced that the 32-bit environment will be dropped in Mac OS X.8\n(AKA Mountain Lion), the follower of Mac OS X.7 (AKA Lion). That is to say that all C/C++ sofwares\ndevelopped with the Apple Carbon framework will not run on Mac OS X.8 Mountain Lion (scheduled to\nappear in late summer 2012). A number of popular and useful scientific softwares widely used in universities and\nlaboratories will therefore stop working (including DNA Strider). I may be wrong but I fear I am not !\nKeep also in mind that it will be probably impossible to re-install OS X.7 on the machines sold with Mac OS X.8\ninstalled. So, buy more Mac OS running Mac OS X.7 right now and stick to OS X.7 (or even OS X.6 !) if you wish\nto use Strider a few years more."

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