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postComment: "I have the poorly named Expert Mouse (actually an optical trackball) working with Trackball Works v1.10 in OS 10.8. It gave me some fits, but here's how I solved it:\n\nUpon initial use of my new Mac Mini, trackball works installed and worked fine. Then I ran MIGRATION ASSISTANT and that caused problems. Namely, there appeared to be either duplicate, spurious or wonky preferences copied from the old Powerbook into the Library of the Mac Mini. So…\n\nA) Run KENSINGTON UNINSTALLER (applications>Utilities>TrackballWorks Uninstaller\nB) Delete PList manually (Library>Preferences>[anything with Kensington or Mouseworks in title])\nC) Delete PreferencePane (Library>PreferencePane>Trackballworks)\n\nRestart.\n\nRun Trackball Works installer again. Restart. Works fine now, but I've lost support for Application Specific commands - there's just one set of button commands for all applications where I used to be able to customize by application. Hopefully someone will create a good third party application that does for my Expert Mouse what Quicksilver has done for my keyboard, namely, turn it up to 11!\n\n"

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