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postComment: "I've just had a disaster: I bought a new 2012 Mac Mini (i7) to replace my Apple TV3, installed Plex and BANG! - it sent a peak signal to my AV amp (expensive Pioneer LX73) and blew it. Plex keeps freezing, no metadata, and iTunes won't quit without sending peak signals to the sound processor.\n\nAlso, it keeps (every 5 seconds) displaying numbers to establish a bluetooth connection to my wireless Apple keyboard (which is already connected). These are major issues! The Pioneer is now in for a 2 week repair and the Mac Mini is being returned to Apple on Monday.\n\nBefore it finally blew my amp, I even tried a factory reset then a complete reinstall of Plex. But it didn't solve anything.\n\nAnyone out there with similar issues? I'm completely gutted. Help!!"

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