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postName: Chris
postComment: "Just thought I'd add that a brand new MacMini with Mountain Lion had no problems at all running HueyPro 1.5.1. It didn't even need to be in the Application folder.\n\nAlso a thought that if people are having problems while the app is in the Applications folder, try taking it out and running it again. ML (and Lion) do tie down permissions differently for apps compared to when HueyPro was built.\n\nOne more thing, mentioned elsewhere on the net is a difficulty in calibrating external monitors. The way around this is to use Mirror Displays within the Displays prefs pane. The calibration created by HueyPro will be available to both monitors in the usual way. Alternatively, in the Displays pref pane, drag the menu bar to the external monitor just while you use HueyPro and then drag it back to the main monitor.\n\nLateral thinking!"

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