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postComment: 'I have also been a user and fan of NUDC for years but with the purchase of a new MacBookAir decided to bite the bullet and look for a replacement. It turns out that BusyCal seems to be really similar to Now Up to Date (in fact it was developed by a guy who worked on the original Now software). So I have just converted my years of files to BusyCal via an Applescript called ''NUD to iCal",which uses the intermediate step of loading the data in iCal. BusyCal then uses the iCal files but adds a lot of the features that Now Up to Date offered. The conversion process was time consuming and tedious, because I wanted to import all of my 15 years of events, but it looks as though I''ll be happy in the end. By the way, the support at BusyCal is nothing short of terrific — they answered my inquiries quickly and thoroughly. '

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