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postName: Greg
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postComment: "Using 2.19 and Lion newest updates and still getting pauses.\n\nI second Gabe on NZBvortex.\n\nI mean c'mon: DON'T SUPPORT DEVELOPERS THAT DON'T GIVE 2 SHITES ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. \n\n 3 version changes and we are still getting pauses. The developers should be embarrassed. I mean they focus on making it look purty on a mac retina display (on their v release log) which I own but don't give an F about, but they manage to not fully address the issue that their program was intended for: to download usenet files……..???\n\nHaven't tried NZBVortex, but anything is better than a program that can't do the 1 and only thing it's supposed to do correctly.\n\nYou've really jumped the shark on this one Unison. (and btw I've loved your program for years, so I'm sad for you guys more than anything.)"

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