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postComment: "This is the best MacBook Pro I have ever owned. I bought a 2.9 GHz with 8MB RAM, it is great for all my professional apps like AutoCAD, Aperture, GarageBand, Apple iWorks suite, and more. It is also great for games.\n\nOne of the best features for me is that, it has all kinds of ports that I need. I never felt the need of additional or missing ports. I have lots of external devices and it works with all them.\n\nAnother great feature is the DVD drive and SD cars slot. I still need to write CD/DVD to send physical files to places that I work. The SD card slot comes in hand because my SD cards are my \"Negatives\", I never erase a card, when they are full I just buy a new one. I import only the pictures I will need to work on Aperture. My SD card library is my photos back-up and it is enormous.\n\nIt is important to say that this MacBook Pro has great antennas. I can get WiFi signals that a very weak and still have a good connection.\n\nNow, one very good feature is the battery life I get from it. The battery charges fast and goes for 4-5 hours of work. It never let me down.\n\nThis is why I think it is the best MacBook Pro I ever bought."

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