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postComment: 'There''s no doubt the mac community needs something akin to arRsync. Those in the Windows community depend on utility front ends like Winmerge for occasionally manually sync''ing local folders with their archive, so finding arRsync as a front end for Rsync for my Macbook was a welcome find. However, what bothers me is the documemtations — ie, what does "bidirectional sychronize", "unidirectional backup" & "unidirectional merge" really mean?, … or what Rsync switches do they imply? There is a PDF of brief instructions, and I would have understood a bidirectional sync to mean "make ''A'' look exactly like ''B'', and vice versa", and to "never use ''unidirectional merge''" to imply "something will be deleted" … therefore I understood ''unidirectional backup'' to mean "copy whatever is newer". Therefore I was a bit surprised to find that using arRsync in ''unidirectional backup actually deleted a file … so now I don''t know what to believe(?) … and there''s no one to ask except to leave a comment here … and go looking for something different …'

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