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postComment: "Hi guys, Winclone worked great for me, here is what I did :\n\nMy laptop config :\n\nMacbook Aire 11\" late 2011.\nOS X 10.7.3\nWindows 7 partition is NTFS and was originally created with bootcamp, of course.\nWindows 7 partition of 20 GB to be expanded to 35 GB\nWhen I created the Windows 7 partition I also created a bootable instance with all the Apple latest software in a USB stick as suggested by bootcamp (I used it when restoring my Winclone image, you will see why).\n\nOk, first :\nI created a Winclone image using Winclone 2.3.3, please read other comments to above or below to find download links.\nBefore creating the image, I Deselected (did not select) all options under Winclone Preferences, except for the radio button \"Use Mountable Disk Image Format (dog)\"\nThen I created the Winclone image and chose to store it in an external HD. (took more than an hour, so be patient).\n\nSecond :\nI repartitioned my Internal HD using Disk Utility (OS X) in order to have just one patrician again instead of two (OS X and Windows). The Windows partition was wipped out.\nI restarted OS X, just in case. Verified that I had only one partition. Ok.\n\nThird :\nI used Disk Utility again. This time I created a new partition (35 GB) and deleted FAT32 as file system. (don't worry, won´t affect)\n\nFourth :\nI started Winclone again and restored my Winclone image to the new partition (took about 1 hr.), Be patient.\n\nFifth :\nI restarted the laptop (and hold option key, of course) so to be able to chose to boot from windows. I did. I received an error message from Windows regarding the size of the volume and other stuff.\nTurned off the laptop with the ON/OFF button.\nInserted the USB stick with the bootable instance of Windows (remember?) Ok.\nStarted laptop and chose to boot from the USB stick. The process starts as if to install windows again, but DO NOT, just go forward the first two or three screens and eventually you will be presented with an option to REPAIR Windows, Choose That One.\nWindows will start a repair process, does not take too long, and will restart. \nHold Option key again at restart so you can choose to boot from Windows (not the USB stick, but the normal windows that you installed with Winclone).\nYou are done, everything is working fine, at least in my case.\nDetach the USB key through windows procedures.\n\nI hope this helps. For me Winclone is working On Lion, no doubt. But there are many parameters involved so be carful and I wish you luck.\n\n\n"

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