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postName: 'Daryl Lee'
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postComment: 'I have Mac OS X 10.7, Ubuntu 12.04, and Windows 7 sharing a common folder on an Ext3 partition, with Mac using ExtFS. I just upgraded from OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to 10.7 (Lion), and get the odd behavior that everything on my Ext3 partition seems to be working except for MS Office (14.2.3). For example, when I open a .docx file on that partition, MSWord opens it Read-Only, but LibreOffice works just fine. It''s only been a day or so now, and I haven''t done a comprehensive analysis to see what other landmines might be lurking. I don''t think I want to upgrade ExtFS until I''ve actually installed Mountain Lion. I''m trying to use Windows as rarely as possible, but I could probably re-boot to Windows if I really need to use MSOffice. Sigh.'

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