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postComment: "I concur with Justen on the Lion-compatible version of Quicken 2007. It works fine and I am happy to be back at using Quicken.\n\nI researched last summer and settled on iBank and made the painful transition of 20 years worth of Quicken data (since 1994). While iBank served my needs I found it quirky and not very intuitive, I did not like the register or reconciliation process, and I found the reporting extremely weak. \n\nI made iBank work but when Quicken for Lion was released I immediately went back to Quicken and basically re-entered 6 months worth of data from my time with iBank. iBank would not export Quicken-friendly data - so I manually did it to get back up to speed in Q2007.\n\nGlad I did since I don't feel I am fighting my finance program anymore and I have easy access to budget tracking and other data. Although it was late in coming I can simply appreciate that Intuit did release Quicken 2007 for Lion. Hoping its compatible with Mountain Lion right out of the box."

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