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postComment: "Hello!\n\nAs the representative of Eltima Software I want to say that the issue with the kernel panic was not detected in the latest released version of Elmedia Player (4.2.168) by any user.\n\n\nIn addition I want to post some explanations regarding kernel panic and Elmedia Player.\n\nSome users say that Elmedia Player causes a kernel panic. After detailed investigation we came into conclusion that Elmedia Player can't cause the kernel panic under no circumstances.\n\nUsers consider that kernel panics on their Macs were caused by Elmedia Player kernel extension. A lot of users wonder why the mere Flash player asks their administrator password for installing the rootkit (kernel extension and root daemon). \n\n Here is the explanation.\n\nElmediaPlayer is not only a media player, but also an online video downloader. For better links catching from the web some additional components like ElmediaPlayer.kext file should be installed. These components can't be installed without entering the administrator password. This is absolutely optional. Elmedia Player can be used without password entering and installing its components. However, in such case we cannot guarantee correct downloading of all online videos. \n\nSo installing these components is the normal thing for the app with such functionality and it does not mean that they are definitely the reason of the kernel panics. \n"

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