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postComment: "Kirsten, I'm sorry for your problem with Tunnelblick and Lion.\n\nTens of thousands of people use Tunnelblick on Lion successfully every day.\n\nThere hasn't been a Lion-related problem with Tunnelblick reported to the Tunnelblick Discussion Group [1] or on the Tunnelblick Issues page [2] since Tunnelblick version 3.2beta30 (2011-08-31). The problem it fixed only affected a tiny number of users who were using specific hardware.\n\nIf you'd like help, use the above resources or contact me directly via email. You can get my address by going to [3], clicking the \"…\" in the middle of the email address \"jkbull…\", and proving you are human.\n\n[1]!forum/tunnelblick-discuss (registration required)\n[2]\n[3]\n"

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