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postComment: "If Skydrive was already running before you upgraded to Mountain Lion, you'll get a message from Skydrive at your next login telling you that it must install an update. The update will not install, and you will then be told to go to your Skydrive web UI and install it manually. When you go there, NO manual upgrade waits. If, like me, you are then stubborn enough to remove Skydrive AND its keychain entry, using the Keychain Access app, and then reinstall from the latest available download — don't bother.\n\nYou will account yourself successful for one deceptive moment as it asks where your Skydrive folder is and seems to install, only to be greeted by…nothing. Well, not quite nothing. If you try to bring up Skydrive, you'll get that message about having trouble with your Keychain.\n\nI now feel I have done my duty and will henceforth wait for someone else to find a workaround or discover the still-to-be-announced MS update. Hey Microsoft, (SOMEONE on the MS Mac Support team must be reading this), THIS mixed-machine business was lured into trusting Skydrive to be around, and you had a month to make sure it would be. PLEASE? Until then, Skydrive is useless to our Macs AND Windows machines. \n\nSUGGESTED WORKAROUND: If you were relying on Skydrive to sync PCs and Macs, reinstall Live Mesh. The latter, touch wood, still works for the moment."

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