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postComment: "Just installed mountain lion.\nBig issue.\n\nI have an iMac with the \"Hybrid Drive\" 2 HD option (1 SSD / 1 HD).\nAll of my projects and events are on the 2 TB conventional HD.\n\nThere still all there in the finder, but FCPX won't even acknowledge that this 2nd hard drive exists.\n\nIt sees my external drive fine, but doesn't see the secondary internal hard drive.\nIt's not even like a \"reconnect media\" issue. It simply cannot navigate to that HD as a source and all of the projects and events are just not there anymore.\n\nEven if a fix comes, i doubt it will just put everything back the way it was.\n\nDON'T UPGRADE IF YOU USE 2 INTERNAL HARD DRIVES. "

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