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postComment: "Works fine on Mountain Lion with the new Update:\n\nMindNode Pro 1.9\nUpdate Notice!\nMindNode Pro 1.9 now requires Mac OS 10.7.3 and later. Please verify that your version of OS X is up to date!\n\nDue to restrictions enforced by Apple, iCloud is only supported in the Mac App Store version of MindNode Pro!\n\nRefreshed Visual Design\n\nCompletely redesigned toolbar icons to better integrate with the new OS X visual style.\nFull support for retina screens on Mountain Lion.\nOther new features:\n\nShare Sheets to easily share documents using Mail, Messages and AirDrop\nAdopts the new system gestures for QuickLook on Mountain Lion\nNew zoom control for Lion and Mountain Lion.\nUnified node drawing and Smart Layout behavior on Mac and iOS.\nOther noteworthy changes:\n\nMindNode now requires Lion or Mountain Lion.\niChat Theater is no longer supported.\nThe default file format is now a file bundle instead of a zip file."

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