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postComment: 'Last time I checked, it didn''t work before, then I updated it and everything works fine, UNTIL i found out that the steam folder in application support/library is missing. That would ruin everything because if you can''t update and if the server says busy, game not working, etc. You can''t access that app to delete the game''s ncf files that will allow you to re-download the game/update to make it work. Since i''m an end user, I moved back to Snow Leopard because DP and GM will not be able to purchase Retail Lion in app store this month. Hence, someone please check for me the app folder and let me know on my twitter, thnx. Oh and PN, my left 4 dead 2, portal 1/2, team fortress 2 worked fine. You should be able to redownload on website and make it work.'

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