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postComment: "Hmm. I don't have FD8, but a quick look at a FD7 machine reveals a file /Library/Application Support/Final Draft/Final Draft 7/Customer Info — I see this file contains not only the explicit contents (registration #, etc.) but also extended attributes, indicated by the @ in the directory when you type:\n\nls -la \"/Library/Application Support/Final Draft/Final Draft 7/Customer Info\"\n\nThe extended attributes are visible using the\n\nxattr -l \"/Library/Application Support/Final Draft/Final Draft 7/Customer Info\"\n\ncommand. Is this the case with Final Draft 8 as well?\n\nI can't test anything related to Lion compatibility since as I said I don't have FD8 or Lion, nor do I intend to upgrade to the latter. But if you want to try changing the permissions manually rather than through the menu method described above, the following line typed into the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/ might do it.\n\n--\nsudo chmod -R a+rw /Library/Application\\ Support/Final\\ Draft\n--\n\nNOTE IF YOU TRY THIS, YOU DO SO ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK. YOU ASSUME ALL RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHATEVER MAY HAPPEN.\n\nThe above command should ask for your user's admin password, and if it is entered correctly (and your user has admin privileges), it should then set the permissions of all files and directories contained within \"/Library/Application Support/Final Draft\" to read/write rather than read-only. (Note that each of the two spaces within in the file directory in the command have a backslash (\\) in front of them.)\n\nHere's what each part of that command is for:\n\nsudo -means-> \"do the following as super user/administrator\"…\n\nchmod -means-> change the permissions (or \"modes\" in unix speak)\n\n-R -means-> recursively (meaning change all the files and folders inside, as well as any files or folders inside them, and any inside them, etc.)\n\na+rw -means-> give ALL users and groups both read and write permission…\n\n/Library/Application\\ Support/Final\\ Draft -means-> …to this directory. \n\nYou can learn more about the commands \"sudo\" and \"chmod\" by typing \"man sudo\" and \"man chmod\" (without surrounding quotes) in the Terminal prompt. This will give you the \"man page\" (or manual page) of those commands.\n\nOne other note— changing the read/write permissions within the root /Library folder does introduce a small but worthy-of-mention security risk. Files and folders inside /Library/ are generally only supposed to be edited with administrator permission, and giving any user on the system the ability to change a file within the Library hierarchy could be inviting problems, especially if other people have regular access to your computer. I would therefore advise AGAINST changing *all* the folders to read/write as suggested a few comments up. It may be more advisable for someone to figure out exactly what file or files need write permission for FD8 to be happy in Lion and then chmod just that file (by naming it explicitly in the chmod command above.)\n\nAgain, I'm only vamping off the previous reports that changing the file permission works in the first place. So who knows."

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