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postComment: "The only supported version is 8.5.3 which is still in beta. You can get it to run SOMETIMES on Lion, but there is a line you need to add to the notes.ini (NotesPreference) file to make sure that it works.\n\nHere is a note from the official beta forums:\n\nBased on some preliminary testing, we've found that Notes will randomly hang (in mail operations or at startup) when being run on 10.7. It appears to be even more prevalent on the most recent build.\n\nWe're currently working on a fix for this that hasn't made it into a build (and won't be in CD5 which will be posted shortly). This has been lightly tested for 8.5.3, and not tested at all in 8.5.2 (but the ini variable should work for 8.5.2 as well).\n\nIf you encounter hangs while running with 10.7 you can set the following in your Notes Preferences (home/Library/Preferences/Notes Preferences)\n\nPOSIX_SEMAPHORES=1\n\nIMPORTANT: We've found that the latest TextEdit in Lion automatically renames Notes Preferences, to Notes Preferences.txt. \n\nBefore updating your Notes Preferences, we recommend making a backup, edit the file, and then use the 'mv' command in Terminal to rename the file and remove the .txt extension:\n\nmv Notes\\ Preferences.txt Notes\\ Preferences"

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