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postComment: "Although another user reported that FM 11.0v3 “seems to work fine”, FileMaker Inc. themselves say it doesn’t.\n\n describes some unpleasant issues regarding custom date formats and the Inspector - not to mention (pre 2007) Excel export, which now is broken as it relies on Rosetta.\n\nIf you're doing serious FileMaker work, these are non-trivial problems.\n\nSo when will they fix them?\n\nIn an update that we can expect (wait for it) in effin’ August - so that might be up to six weeks after the Lion was released. Users of the server version even will have to wait until October 2011.\n\nFrankly, I find this bizarre.\n\nI wanted to upgrade to Lion ASAP. According to RoaringApps, 99 % of all relevant developers and apps are up to date. And who’s not? The people who are practically standing around the same water cooler as Steve Jobs (FileMaker, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Inc.). They probably had access to Lion (an OS that was announced in October, 2010) long before anyone else outside of Apple, yet take all the time in the world to fix their flagship product.\n\nSorry, I call this amateurish.\n"

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