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postComment: "Latest update 12094 DOES NOT work perfectly with Lion.\n\nYou CANNOT access VM's shared folder from Mac's Finder sidebar.\n\nAt the first time, the access would have no problem. but once you restart VM, the Finder sidebar item will lose its path. Let me explain more details.\n\n\nFor instance, in my case, I have a shared folder named Parallels Folder on my Windows 7 desktop. \n\n1. In Snow Leopard I could access this folder in Mac's Finder by getting into \"[C] Windows 7 Professional(it differs upon your VM name) / Users / Lex(my user name) / Desktop / Parallels Folder(which I made.)\" \n\n2. And, you could just simply put the Parallels Folder into the Finder's sidebar so you can access it very easily whenever you want. \n\nSame thing with Lion except the no.2 sidebar part. You CANNOT access Parallels Folder from Finder's sidebar if you ever restarted your VM(in my case, it's Windows 7.)\n\n\nThis problem occurs because every time you restart the VM, Parallels Desktop 6.0 assigns a different address to its shared folders. In my case, the address was \"/private/tmp/951/C/Users/Lex/Desktop/Parallels Folder\" However, after I restart the VM, the address changed itself to \"/private/tmp/1555/C/Users/Lex/Desktop\". The number(I don't know what it is, anyway) is changed from 951 to 1555 and this causes Mac's Finder CANNOT find the folders inside VM. \n\nFunny thing is, making the alias works but only putting into sidebar doesn't work. I could make an alias and access VM's folder through the alias but I don't want it. What I want is access via Finder's sidebar.\n\nA workaround for the earlier build(6.0.12092) was installing MacFUSE 2.1.9(*not official version. A user made version it is. Google it.) I don't know if it works with the latest build(6.0.19094). "

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