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postComment: "Quote from Freeverse (7/21/11)\n\nRather than leaving our customers with a sub-par experience running certain titles under OS X Lion, and in light of phasing out our GameSmith service later this summer, we've made the hard decision to discontinue the following titles:\n\nAirburst\nBurning Monkey Casino\nBurning Monkey Mahjong\nBurning Monkey Puzzle Lab\nBurning Monkey Solitaire\nEnigma\nPeriscope\nSquabble\nToySight\n3D Bridge\n3D Crazy 8s\nEuchre Deluxe\nHearts Deluxe\nPitch-Setback\nSpades Deluxe\nCrossCards\nX-Words Deluxe"

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