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postComment: "87racer’s approach worked for me, though one of the ones listed above did.\n\nThe obvious problem is that the “iStat Menus” *application* (the configuration panel) fails to modify the SystemUIServer plist under Lion. If the entries are already there from Snow Leopard, it works fine.\n\nA quick fix, easier for most of you than modifying the plist, is to copy the plist from one of your other Macs with iStat Menus (or from a Time Machine backup.) The plist is located at `~/Library/Preferences/`.\n\nIf you have no access to another Mac or Time Machine backup with iStat Menus installed, it’s simple enough to modify it by hand. If you have the Developer Tools installed, then just edit the file with the Property List that ships with those tools. If not, you can use the `plutil` command-line utility to convert the binary property to XML format, and then add the entries manually with `nano` or `vim`."

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