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postComment: "Just to be a little more clear, run Flux once, kill it with Activity Monitor, open up, and run:\n\ndefaults write org.herf.Flux SUEnableAutomaticChecks 1\ndefaults write org.herf.Flux locationTextField 53477 (your zip code, or if you don't have one, just set it for now)\ndefaults write org.herf.Flux indoorLightingType Fluorescent (just do it for now)\ndefaults write org.herf.Flux location 53477 (same zipcode as above)\ndefaults write org.herf.Flux locationType Z\n\nIf you do not use a zipcode for location (e.g. out of the U.S.), type in a random zipcode into the above. Once everything is set up through the Terminal, when you run Flux, it won't show the preferences window. Click on the menubar and open the preferences window and everything should work fine."

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