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postComment: "From Coriolis:\nThe current version of iDefrag does work with Lion, and can safely defragment a Lion disk. However, the reboot-and-defragment feature in the current version is not compatible with Lion (yet… we are working on this); as a result, to run a Full Defrag on Lion you will need to boot from a different partition or disk, or from a bootable DVD, which you can create by choosing the \"Create Boot Disk…\" option from the \"iDefrag\" menu.\n\niDefrag should work perfectly well with the new FileVault feature (aka Core Storage), although we do not recommend defragmenting while Core Storage is converting, encrypting or decrypting a disk as this will cause both the defragmentation and the conversion/encryption/decryption to take significantly longer.\n\nNote that, if you are making a bootable DVD in order to use iDefrag, there is no need for it to be based on Lion unless you are using the new version of FileVault. We are currently investigating the creation of bootable DVDs containing Lion, particularly in light of the fact that the installer is a download from the Mac App Store for most people, and will post more information about this and about the reboot-and-defragment feature on our website as it becomes available.\n"

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