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postComment: "I'm a Quicken for Mac 2007 user, and have finally had enough with the lack of Intuit support (read: abandonment) for the Mac platform. I've been a Quicken user since 1996, and upgraded faithfully over the years (on Windows), suffered through the painful conversion of my Quicken data (and lost LOTS of it, due to the lack of a migration tool and really poor documentation on the Intuit site) during my migration to the Mac platform in 2008. \nNo upgrades since then, and a major slap in the face with the release of \"Essentials\" without online bill paying and investment transaction tracking. \n\nLike Doug above, I run Win 7 on a Parallels VM, and love the functionality of Quicken for Windows, but have NO interest in adding a home-mission-critical Windows app to my system. \n\nI'm ready to jump ship & change … I've looked through a few of the alternatives however, and don't seem to be able to locate one that comes with an integrated online bill paying service. Anybody else know of one?\n"

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