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postComment: "I bought Essentials to prepare for this new OS. I really hate it. Feels like a spreadsheet instead of a program.\nI use Quicken 2007 as a check register, manually inputing all transactions as they occur, that way I know exactly what I have available (in checking, savings, M. Markets, Credit Cards, Savings, CDs etc.). I don't download transactions after they've hit the banks and possibly put me into overdraft. The downloading of transactions only made sense to me with credit cards, not checking accounts. and it makes me uncomfortable waiting, so I enter everything as I do it (my personal style only - but shows how I view and use Quicken.)\nI preferred 2007's register, felt like a real check register, with drop down boxes for categories and such. You could edit your categories much easier, split transactions are easier to enter, etc. The reconcile in 2007 is much more robust. Even transferring funds between accounts seems much smoother with 2007 than Essentials.\n\nDoes anyone know of a program that mimics Quicken 2007 in style and workflow?\nI really don't like the barebones layout of Essentials and programs similar. I've tried a few other companies programs on their free trials, but they just weren't as user friendly in the data entry portion, most assume everyone just downloads transactions after the fact. And the online program Mint, was totally useless to me.\n\nThanks for any help… I guess for now, Lion can wait.\n"

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