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postComment: "OK guys, waited for a week to be 100% positive.\nThe fix indeed works and Parallels VMs launch, BUT it totally borks Wi-Fi connection (the bridging is not compatible with Lion, I presume). I get random lost packets, for example my home router and storage do not respond to pings, some Internet hosts starting with hop >4-5 do not respond. This is pretty strange, actually, because hops 1,2 do not answer to pings, 3,4,5,6 answer, 7,8,9 don't. It looks like those hosts die for a few seconds and they come back (checked with mtr all this week). If I shut down Parallels everything works beautifully.\n\nRight now I'm installing VMware (I have bought both products some time ago) and switch to that (I know it works, but I liked Parallels better).\n\nI don't know if this applies to all Mac models. These are happening on a 27\" iMac, core i5 quad, Atheros Wi-Fi. I didn't check the wired connection, though.\n\nA bad thing is that shared connection is not available in Lion, to check that, too. I bet it will work because I suspect that the issue is with the transparent bridging code.\n\n"

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