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postComment: "The situation here is same, can set the freqs and voltages, can test, but after saving the voltages are the \"factory\" settings.\nI tried to uninstall-reinstall, etc, does not work.\n\nBut, as @MBH recommended, re-applying some really high quality thermal paste on the CPU will make WONDER! (I used \"Arctic Cooling MX-3\" brand) The old paste is dried out, and not conducting heat to the fan. If you don't know how to do this, it's worth to go to a good computer service and ask for carbon based thermal paste.\nI know, this is not the exact solution for this question, but there will be no more thermal shutdown.\n\nMagnus, if you ever read this, PLEASE do something with CoolBook to work with Lion! ;)\n\n(Sorry for my poor english)"

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